About Us

FOR GENERATIONS, the Community Synagogue has been a hub for intellectual, religious and social activity. Founded in 1940, the synagogue originally served a bustling, immigrant population within New York’s Yiddish theater district. TODAY, our modern orthodox congregation remains a resource for Jews from around the world and around the corner. We enthusiastically embrace the East Village’s diverse community, offering Jews of all backgrounds inspirational leadership, creative programming and religious services 365 days a year. The Sixth Street shul occupies a unique place in the East Village’s history. The distinctive, pre-Civil War structure once housed the St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, which lost most of its congregation in a tragic fire aboard the General Slocum steamship in June 1904. The building stood empty for years afterward until it was brought back to life by a group of Jewish visionaries in November 1940. The Sixth Street Community Synagogue has been a focal point for downtown Jewish life ever since.